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Houseplant Doctor – Is my house plant dying?

“Why is my houseplant dying?” Many houseplants live a long life, brightening up your home without ever giving cause for concern. However, it can be very worrying when a cherished plant starts to go down hill rapidly and there is no obvious reason for its decline. Fortunately, most plants will make a full recovery once…

houseplant doctor questions

Houseplant Doctor – How do I get rid of bugs?

“How do I get rid of bugs on my houseplant?” There’s nothing worse than waking up one morning to find the leaves of your favourite foliage houseplant have been nibbled by a mysterious pest or that a flowering pot plant is starting to flag. Fortunately, indoor plants aren’t besieged by pests like their outdoor cousins,…

houseplant doctor questions

Houseplant Doctor – Why are the leaves of my houseplant turning brown?

“Why are the leaves on my houseplant turning brown?” It’s a common concern for many owners of houseplants. You’ve just bought a stunning new plant, put it in your desired location and within a week or so, a leaf starts to turn brown and eventually falls off. Losing one leaf is bad enough, but before…