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palm leaves


Palms have remained a popular houseplant since Victorian times. It’s easy to see why; exotic to look at, low maintenance and tolerant of lower light conditions.

leaves of fittonia plant

Fittonia, Nerve plant

Fittonia is an evergreen perennial which boasts beautiful deep-veined foliage. They naturally live on the floor of South American rainforests so are used to diffused light and highly humid conditions;…

brown tips on leaves of Butterfly Palm

Identifying leaf problems

Identifying leaf problems can be the difference between a plant flourishing or dying. Here are some common leaf problems which can be easily avoided with a few adjustments to houseplant care.

houseplant doctor questions

Houseplant Doctor – Is my house plant dying?

Many houseplants live a long life, without ever giving cause for concern. However, it can be worrying when a cherished plant starts to go downhill and there is no obvious reason for its decline. Fortunately, most plants will make a full recovery once you figure out the problem.

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