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Propagating tradescantia in water

How to propagate Tradescantia

Tradescantia’s sprawling tendency means over time stems elongate away from the base forming fresh new foliage at the tips but leaving the rooted end sparse with crispy old leaves. Propagation is the remedy!

How to repot cacti

Cacti are very popular houseplants. These slow-growing, low maintenance houseplants are easy to look after but as with all plants they will need a bit of attention from time to time.

Umbrella Plant

Five houseplants for low light

Not all houseplants need bright light to thrive. Many houseplants are tolerant to dimly lit rooms. Debi Holland suggests five shade tolerant houseplants that might suit your home.

Houseplant Care Mist, terrarium and tools

Make a terrarium

A terrarium is an indoor container garden which can be sealed or open; they are ideal for slow growing plants with interesting foliage. Here’s how to make your own.

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